Senior Backend .NET Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

Here in Microblink, we build our products and systems with care and common sense. For example - we use microservices to achieve a delicate balance between separation of concerns at a higher level, also maintainability and scalability in the long term. We don’t use it just because it’s cool. We think carefully about application layering and reusability inside each layer, but we challenge ourselves to change and evolve as we grow. 

We also believe agility is not only for features, it’s also for teams, organizations and processes. Each team is empowered to change the process, and individuals are empowered to make decisions about the systems they are responsible for. 

If you decide to join us you’ll also be empowered to create, own and grow! You’ll be working on different services. Some of them have more complex business logic, and others are challenging on an infrastructure level. 

You will also have the opportunity to contribute to other parts of R&D in Microblink through collaboration on open source projects and communities of practice.

There is more to the Microblink story that fits the boundaries of a job ad. If you are interested, keep reading!

If you join our team, you will:

  • Work on our applications built on modern principles, using a microservice architecture, on dockerized and serverless environments 
  • Be encouraged to take the initiative, participate in the entire product life cycle, make an impact and take ownership while you grow 
  • Collaborate with people in a variety of roles, like DevOps engineers, QA engineers, UX designers, UI developers, Product owners, etc.
  • Have an opportunity to work on highly performant and highly available services
  • Take care of the service all the way to production and support it through the entire lifecycle. You will be supported by the DevOps team that provides tools and processes but also a dedicated DevOps engineer for specific teams. 
  • Work on services that are shared through the entire company. In these cases, other teams are your clients, and in some cases development of a service is organized as open-source projects
  • Participate in technical decisions throughout the company by working on products, shared services, and participating in communities of practice activities 

What you need to be successful in this role:

Have strong knowledge and experience (preferably 5+ years) working with:

  • .NET core and C# language
  • RESTful API design

Have experience in building automated CI/CD pipelines using tools like:

  • Jenkins build automation server
  • Docker containers and Kubernetes
  • Argo CD automation tool

A successful candidate will:

  • know how to leverage the different types of databases and database services
  • be familiar with the modern serverless architecture and know how to utilize cloud services like AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure
  • be familiar with OpenTelemetry and you know how to implement structure logging, tracing, and metrics
  • see the value in using analytics tools like Kibana and Grafana to visualize both metrics and logs
  • have an essential software development skillset (“it goes without saying” type of skills): OOP, git, team collaboration skills, good English language skills...

An additional plus (but not required) is if you also have some experience with:

  • Message brokers (RabbitMQ or Google Pub/Sub)
  • OAuth/OIDC (IdentityServer4)

Here’s what you’ll gain if you join us:

  • You’ll upgrade your skills by working with a team of cross-functional developers and collaborating with experts in the fields of AI. Find out what it feels like to work at Microblink
  • Knowledge sharing and internal educations
  • Dedicated time for personal growth and adopting new skills
  • Dedicated budget for professional development
  • Attending the world’s top conferences
  • Online and live courses
  • The internal library that keeps growing, based on our needs and interests
  • Your personal competency development plan together with support from the committed team around you
  • You’ll have a flexible work arrangement that allows you to work from anywhere and to adjust your work schedule in a way that works for you
  • Microblink offers an exciting concept: bonus schema and company share options that allow you to participate in company growth financially
  • We take special care of our parent-team members. Financial support during your parental leave, 100% paid sick leave to care for your kids, days off for important events like your kid’s 1st bday and their 1st days at school/kindergarten, opportunity to work part-time for a full salary in the 1st month after coming from parental leave - those are just some of the benefits we offer to Microblink parents
  • If you are a modern technology lover, we feel you. That’s why we offer you an additional individual budget for tech equipment of your choice
  • Together with us, you will build extraordinary and future-oriented products for more than a billion end-users on all continents with constant growth!
  • You’ll have an opportunity to take a lead as a front-face in industry-specific networking events, talks, and panels
  • At Microblink, we nurture a culture that recognizes and rewards success, and is not afraid to try, fail and learn from mistakes
  • Travels to the NY office in the US

Here’s how you can join us:

If this role intrigues you, don't hesitate to apply!

We are excited to meet talented people even if you don’t meet 100% of the requirements. 

So don’t let that discourage you - get in touch with us and let's talk!

Senior Backend .NET Developer

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Senior Backend .NET Developer

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